Water Stops Asthma Attacks

Water Stops Asthma Attacks Water natures miracle cure:

The one thing that we all take for granted is Water we just turn on the tap and out it comes this overlooked inexpensive commodity has some remarkable healing properties.

lets Take Asthma for example did you know that water can reduce and in some cases prevent asthma from returning.

It's all down to dehydration the more dehydrated you become the more Histamine is produced. and this can cause, Asthma, Allergies, and Joint Pains

Water Stops Asthma Attacks

What is Histamine

Histamine can be described as most important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates the thirst mechanism for increased water intake. It also establishes a procedure for rationing the available water in your body during dehydration. Histamine is a most noble factor utilized within the drought management of our bodies. In dehydration, histamine production and its activity multiply greatly. Increased histamine release inside the lungs brings about the spasm from the bronchioles. This natural spasmodic action of histamine relating to the bronchial tubes is part of the design of the body to safeguard water that would usually evaporate during breathing. The winter steam or fog that you see whenever you breathe out in chilly weather conditions is water which is leaving your lungs as you breathe. So the Lungs need more water and become Tight and sensitive which is causing you to have Chest Pains.

Why do Children suffer more with Asthma.

In , bronchial constriction asthma is the first reaction to dehydration. Children are more susceptible to asthma than adults. Children's bodies are growing all the time and their body needs 75 percent of its volume in water. in addition, children’s bronchial tubes are smaller and less rigid than Adults, and more easily constricted than fully developed bronchial trees Children’s bodies also have less of a water reserve for them to use. This is why children show shortness of breath,asthma,more readily than adults when they become dehydrated.

This constriction of the Airways if you or anyone that you know will tell you how Frightening this can become.

Asthma Attacks after we do exercises as well as when we are stressed is a also a part of the water preservation and crisis process during dehydration. An asthma attack after eating is usually a typical indicator of dehydration. If we consume food and don’t drink water so that you can digest and ‘liquefy’ the food we have now stuffed into the stomach, the water that is required to complete the digestion procedure is borrowed from the remainder of the body. This frequent freeloading of water from here and there in an already drought-stricken person inclined to asthma will bring on an asthma attack. Both emotional and physical stress and anxiety cause additional acute dehydration to an already dehydrated body. The ‘free’ water that has become available for new functions is utilized very rapidly in the chemical reactions wanted to deal with any particular type of stress and anxiety.

The remedy by Simply Drinking more water will help to prevent any Asthma attacks, the big question is how much do i drink the old remedy was to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, i don't personally agree with this its important to drink water in moderation a little and often will suffice,Prevention of Dehydration is far better.your body will tell you when you we need water its one of our built-in Survival Management.

Important point for Mum's: When your Child asks for water before a car trip your reply is normally "Wait till we arrive at our Destination" Well that could be too late, Its more important to keep your Health and have a few more Rest room Visits and this goes for Adults as well.

Two strong, natural antihistamines. are Water And Sea Salt,

Sea Salt:

We need salt to live Too much salt is not good for you but a little sea salt which has all the nutrients that our body needs. Ask your doctor or nurse to explain to you why they will give a person an IV of saline (salt water) in the hospital,

Important not always use Sea salt and not the Processed Salt which has all the nutrients taken out.

It is all down to Balance too much water flushes out good nutrients and too much salt blocks arteries and causes heart problems.

The guidelines are quite simple, Drink water often but in moderation and a little sea salt either in a glass of water or fruit juice should balance your nutrient levels before they are exhausted

Our problem today is we are not drinking enough plain water anymore. We have turned to commercial beverages.

Animals in the zoo drink plain water. Dogs and cats drink plain water. Most dogs and cats don't get enough salt. That is why they lick humans' skin. It's for the salt. I suggest that you put some salt in their water dish and you will see big changes in your animal.

I hope this article was helpful

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